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Monday, February 16, 2015

Riddle Me This, Batman...

What has thumbs and can eat her weight in Girl Scout Cookies?

It's one of the best things about February... Girl Scout Cookie month. Oh, and let me tell you, those little girls know my house. I get hit by a couple of girls at the house, a couple of girls at the store, and then they're all over the place when you go shopping. Well, at least the places I shop, like Kroger and Joann. I ordered cookies for me, Trefoils (the best), and for T (Samoas), and for all the kids, according to their preference. I was told there would be gluten-free cookies, which is good because that would be Bre's preference.

Of course, I didn't get any GF cookies or my Trefoils in any of my orders, which upset me unreasonably and sent me on a search for those to the ubiquitous Girl Scout cookie booths. And I did buy my Trefoils, which is--of course--the important part of this story. Listen, me without Trefoils in February is like...

Yeah. That.

But it turns out that there is only one flavor of GF Girl Scout Cookies available in this area, even though there are two different kinds of GF cookies! What's up with that, Girl Scouts? Do you realize how many people are gluten-intolerant and would really like to have some Girl Scout Cookies? Sure, you gave them one flavor. But how would you like to just have one flavor of cookie to choose from? (I guess then the choice there would be cookie or no cookie, now that I think of it.) I mean, what if the Girl Scouts came knocking on your door, asking if you wanted cookies, but the only thing you could choose was Thin Mints?

Oh wait a minute. I was directing that at the Girl Scouts, right? So obviously the Girl Scouts wouldn't come knocking on the Girl Scouts' door. But you know what I mean. Get on the stick, Girl Scouts. This is an excellent opportunity to teach girls about supply and demand. And isn't that what the whole Girl Scout Cookie business is supposed to do?

Anyway, I do enjoy my Trefoils, although I have limited myself to half a sleeve at a time.

Because, you know... What has thumbs and can eat her weight in Girl Scout Cookies?


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