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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Clearance Yarn!

The Meijer near me is remodeling. At first I thought it was probably because a WalMart opened within a quarter of a mile of them and they wanted to compete. But then, I realized it's probably because this is one of the oldest footprint Meijer stores around and it's probably just time to remodel. Then, I realized... It really doesn't matter. I will say, whoever planned their remodel did a pretty good job of it, because it's pretty shopable, even with sections being blocked off so they can put in a different floor.

One of the cool things about the remodel is that there is a bunch of stuff on clearance. Like all this yarn.

Don't worry. I didn't buy all of it.

Most of this is Red Heart Super Saver. Now while that's not the kind of yarn you would make a fancy sweater out of, it's great for afghans. I picked up about 10 skeins of it, for that purpose.

Oh hush. I did so need more yarn.


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