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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Crochet Classes

So, remember I told you I am teaching some classes at Michael's, right? I teach knitting and crochet. Here is one of the projects from my classes, a purple beanie.

I use this to demonstrate not only HDC and SC, but also how to work in the round, and increase stitches. I also like to teach the Magic Circle method as an alternate way of starting off.

I'm enjoying the crochet classes a lot. I'm enjoying the knitting, too. But I'm expanding my horizons with the crochet classes. For example, I am making myself use a proper hold on the hook and the tension hand. Ha! I also taught myself to crochet left handed, just in case I get some lefties in my class. That's a little harder for me, because my left hand is completely uncoordinated.


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