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Monday, January 25, 2016

FO: Fingerless Mitts

It's the first FO of 2016, a pair of fingerless mitts for Amanda. These are the mitts I teach in class, actually. They are pretty quick, pretty simple garter stitch mitts that can be customized in about a million different ways. This is Red Heart Soft in Teal.

Amanda picked out the yarn for this way before Christmas and I promised I'd knit them up once I was done with Christmas Knitting. Of course, I didn't expect my hand to betray me so fully and for so long.

My hand still hurts and my right thumb doesn't extend fully or take any pressure without pain. But it does feel better and I thought I might be able to do some knitting anyway, as long as I didn't aggrivate that tendon. So, this was kind of a test to see if I could do it.

Pay no attention to my crappy manicure.

The answer is yes, I can knit. But I think 1) crochet is out of
the question at this point and 2) I probably should not do long knitting sessions. Like maybe 20 minutes or so at a time.

Honestly, typing feels way worse than knitting. Maybe it's because of the right thumb on the space bar? Or all the stretching my hand does when I type. Sleeping feels terrible on my hand, though. I seem to be making weird praying mantis hands in my sleep and I wake up in agony because of it. I have taken to wearing hand splints to bed, as well as at work.

I am so over this hand injury, let me tell you.


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