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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

More UFOs Than Roswell

Seriously. I have been sorting through all my crafting supplies/projects now, after the move. I'm trying to find a space for them and whether I want to finish or frog. And I've determined I have a lot of UFOs. I mean, a lot.

With several boxes marked "UFO," I'm surprised I haven't gotten a visit from this guy:
But, this will be the year. For one thing, it's just ridiculous to have this many UFOs. That shows a serious lack of commitment, doesn't it?

And, I think I will be happy to get some of these done. Happy to finish. Happy to have the finished object. Happy to gift/use/donate it. Happy to have the space. And I need some happy.

That's probably how I got all these UFOs in the first place. Just flitting from one thing to another because I felt restless, stressed, and down. But I am working on that.
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