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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cowl For M

One of the Christmas knits I made for 2015 was a cowl for M. She likes chevron patterns and, while this is not really chevron, it is zigzaggy like chevron, so I was hoping it would appeal.

Plus, she saw this yarn at my house and said she really liked it and wanted a cowl knitted from it. Ha! It was kind of funny, since I'd bought this yarn with her in mind. (Although I didn't know what I was going to make from it at the time.)

This is the Erose Cowl pattern from Goodknits. I used Bernat Felting Natural Wool, which has kind of a roving texture to it. The color is Fresh Poppy.

This yarn is a Super Bulky and I knit this on size 15's, so it worked up pretty quickly. Also, the pattern is pretty easy to memorize, so it's good for some relaxing knitting. If you need a nice gift, this is a good one. You could also cast on fewer stitches and make boot cuffs, or more stitches and make a longer infinity loop. It's pretty versitile.


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