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Monday, January 04, 2016

YouTube Makes Me Want Cake

As I have mentioned many times before, I am a very bad sleeper. It takes me forever to wind down enough to fall asleep, even when I am exhausted. And, since my poor Kindle died (or is just very badly wounded, I'm not sure. The charging cord will not stay in place to charge it.), I have had to adapt. So, I have been watching YouTube on my phone until I drop off to sleep.

I watch a lot of stuff--movie trailers, parody videos, music videos, old tv shows. But probably 90% of what I watch these days is either "Irish people taste test_____" or cake decorating videos.

The Irish people thing, first of all, is just very interesting to see how American things compare to other countries' things. From what I can tell, as far as food goes, American food is way too sweet and has too many chemicals in it. Sometimes, like when they tested American breakfast cereals and were horrified that we were feeding, basically, candy to our kids in the morning, I feel a little ashamed. Like, no wonder all of Europe thinks we're the most spoiled, gluttonous country.

But these Irish people who test the products are so genuine. It's not, hey, let's make fun of American stuff. It's more like, this is really interesting! I'm not sure who these guys are, but they are great at it. If you look them up, you can find them on YouTube just by searching "Irish people taste test". About a million videos come up. The YouTube channel is called Facts, but I don't know if it's a magazine or just a YouTube entity or what.

Also, and this seems so shallow, I love the accent. It's so musical and appealing, I just love to listen to it. (I wonder if Irish people ever hear American accents and go, "Ooh I love that accent."? Probably not.) By the way, they did a show critiqueing Irish accents in American movies. It was very interesting. And, by the way, Facts people, we know Sean Connery's accent in The Untouchables was bad. But we love Sean Connery.

But besides the Irish people at Facts, I've been watching a lot of cake decorating videos. Remember that I took a cake decorating class a few years ago? I have really been wanting to make some cakes lately. Like, really elaborate cakes with ribbon borders and roses and stringwork and shells and ranunculus (ranunculae?) all over it. I have a million tips and all kinds of cake-related things to use.

The problem is, how do I justify a big honking five star decorated cake for just T and me? Not that I couldn't eat a whole cake. Trust me, that is not the issue. No, I just don't think it would be a good idea to eat that much cake. Or, really, that much icing. I suppose I could make it and then cut it in half and take half to M or to R so they could eat it. That might be a solution.

Man. I'm really hungry now for cake.


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