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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Not Knitting - Jewelry Night Again

Only this time, it was at home. And it was just me. Hm. Well, that's not much of a jewelry night, is it?

Except, I did get the earrings made to match my necklace and bracelet set I made before. I had two of the silver and blue beads, two of the round silver beads, and a crap-ton of square blue ones left over from the original bead night. Actually, I almost had enough for two bracelets.

Here are the earrings:

Simple. But I like them. They have a lot of movement and they, of course, match the set perfectly. Again, I am told people don't really do matching sets any more. But tough snarkies. I like it.

I wanted to make another bracelet to go with the set--something that I could wear at the same time as the first one. I wanted it to be the same, but different. (Ha! Logic!) That's the first bracelet on the top, for your comparing pleasure.

Anyway, I didn't have any more of the small silver beads or the blue and silver beads that I used in the first bracelet. But I did have a bunch of those blue cubes and some square silver spacer beads. So that same/different problem worked itself out. I just strung them, alternately, on the elastic.

Then, I realized I still had a bunch of blue cubes left. How many did I buy?! But, sadly, not enough to do an all-cube bracelet. And, I didn't have any round spacer beads, which would have been really cool, but I did have a bunch of seed beads of all colors. So I used a sequence of clear/blue/clear seed beads, alternating with blue/clear/blue seed beads, to separate the cubes.

So now, these three bracelets stacked together look pretty awesome-tacular, am I right?


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