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Friday, July 17, 2015

Not Knitting... Bead Night

Bre and I attended a free beading class at Michael's. Michael's has a free bead class every month, where you can learn basic beading techniques and create some lovely projects. However, since Bre and I already have that foundation (and since my friend Elaine was teaching the class), we ended up doing a different project than was planned.

This is the necklace and bracelet I made. I love this blue.

Elaine had a lot of good tips for us, things we really didn't know. Like, using this elastic on the matching bracelet. It's thicker than the elastic I normally use. And, let me say, there is a big difference. This thicker elastic makes a much nicer, more secure bracelet.

I used all but 2 of these blue and silver beads, but I have plenty of the the square blue glass beads left. I think I'm going to make some matching earrings. I'm told people don't really do that anymore--wear matching necklace, bracelet, and earrings--but I like it.

This was a lot of fun. We will definitely be doing this again soon.


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