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Thursday, July 30, 2015

GenCon Is Here!

It's that time again... Nerdvanna!

Holy crap I need this. We have not taken a vacation in over six years. Seriously. Even when we are not at the store, we are still working from home. Except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and our anniversary, we work every day. That includes my birthday. So, that was one of the reasons we decided not to work this con and just have fun.

Saw lots of cool stuff. Like this guy:

And this amazing Cardhalla. This is only Thursday's progress. It will be even bigger and better by Sunday, when it gets destroyed. Yes, destroyed. Everyone throws loose change at it and knocks all the cards down. Then all the change is swept up and donated to this year's charity. (Which is the Julian House, a safe place for families in danger.)

I made a stop by the open crafting room. It was a lot busier than it has been in previous years. That's a good thing. My friend Lori was there, knitting a shawl. I picked up some bulky yarn, some double knitting weight, and a shiny flag yarn and held them together for this drop stitch scarf.

I must be getting old, because a day's worth of walking really wore me out. Normally, we would be there until very late, watching independent films and playing games. But tonight I was just too tired.

Oh well. That's why there are 4 days of Gencon.


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