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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Immature Gameplay

I have been playing a game called Infection on my phone lately. Basically, you create a mega-disease and unleash it on the world. You choose whether it is bacterial or viral and which vectors will spread it. You get to choose the symptoms and their outcomes, too. And the idea, of course, is to kill everyone on the planet with your disease.

Yes, it's dark. I lighten the mood by creating hilarious diseases.

I play normal games, too. Like Words With Friends. I play that a lot.

I like Words With Friends, except that all the people I played with (all members of my family) stopped playing. So I just picked up some random games with players I didn't know from the Game Center.

Like 10 games. Yeah, I know. But I was lonely and didn't have anyone to play with.

But then most of them stopped playing, too. I'm down to one opponent. I'm wondering if it's just me?


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