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Friday, January 15, 2016

National Hat Day

It's National Hat Day. Apparently, that's a real thing. You know, I used to wonder how those national holidays came into being. I used to think congress gave these issues a lot of thought and debate and only decided to make a national holiday if there was a very, very good reason.

But then, when I became a journalist (years ago) I found out that it's not like that at all. Usually, it involves little kids who are pressured and encouraged by their parents and teachers to try and affect some sort of change. I think probably most of the teachers and maybe 10% of the parents feel like they are teaching the kids a valuable lesson about the power of petition and how one person can change things.

Don't get me wrong. I think that's a good lesson. But I also think about 90% of the parents (at least the ones I've met) only encourage it because it's ammunition they can use in the Mommy Wars. ("Sure, Parker may have made the Honor Roll and played a harp solo in the Christmas Program, but little Lark here got National Sparkly Fingernails Day passed. So you can just suck it, Heather!")

I envision National Hat Day going down something like:

Cute little 6-year-old who has no idea what she is saying, is just reciting the words mommy and daddy made her memorize: It's been my wifewong ambition to ensure all hats and hat uf... uhfish... uhfishnahdos are wecognized for their wespective mewits. 

Congressman from the district the child is from: "Wifewong ambition." Oh, isn't that the cutest thing? I vote yes on National Hat Day. All in favor?

Congress: Aye!

Congressman from the district the child is from: Any nays want to break this poor child's heart?

Anyway, I'm using this National Hat Day to show you some of the hats I made for Christmas presents in 2015.
"Smoky Flames"


Grey Utopia

Ribs & Cables Beanie


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