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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Smart Ass Cars

I think I told you that, only two months after making the final payment on my Taurus, the engine blew, right? For no reason. No light ever came on to warn me of anything. Just boom. It's done. So, I have been relying on others to get me places these days. Tim drives me mostly. But also M and R and Bre. The part I'm trying to impress upon you here is that I've been in a lot of different cars lately.

And it seems to me that some cars seem to have a rather twisted sense of humor. Like this one.

Now, of course I know the airbag turns off when there is no one sitting in the seat, but still. It made me think of those spy movies where the hero slams into something like a wall or a tree, knowing the seat belt will save him while the villain will be projected through the windshield.

Speaking of spy movies.

This one made me think of this:

And this one. I'm not even sure what this one is for. What the heck is a cat folder?

The only thing I can think of when I look at it is this:


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