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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Is Up With The "Our Time" Commercials?

Have you seen the commercials for "Our Time" dating service? I can't decide whether they are joke commercials or real. I mean, if they're joking, it's not all that funny. But if they're not joking, it's kind of pathetic.

This is an online dating service that caters to the over 50 crowd. Now, being an over 50 lady myself, I am not implying that people my age are not vibrant, interesting, fun, and sexy. I mean, I'm all of that. So, of course we are.

But what I find ridiculous about these commercials is the way this is presented. For example, in one commercial, we see the top of the head of a woman grinding her ass on a guy (we also don't see his face) in a club. All around are young 20- and 30-somethings dancing and laughing as they are watching this horny couple. The voice over says "Think dating after 50 isn't hip? Think again." And the woman's head flips up and we see that both of them are obviously over 50. She grabs him by the shirt and leads him suggestively out of the club. (Although, I don't know how you can get more suggestive than grinding your ass on a guy. That pretty much gets the message across, right there.)

If this is not a joke commercial, they may be trying to say that people over 50 are vibrant, interesting, fun, and sexy. But what this commercial says to me is, "How pathetic."

To be fair, this would be my reaction to 20-somethings grinding their asses on guys crotches, too. Not being a prude, and I don't have anything at all against suggestive dancing. I just think dry humping is no longer merely suggestive.

I also don't like the Couger Life service. But at least they're not trying to be "suggestive." They're coming right out and saying it. "Horny women who will pay for everything in exchange for a semi-submissive young boy-toy." 

Oh. You think that's empowering women? Come on. You know if this were a site that flat out advertised horny older guys looking for young buttercups to be a sugar daddy to, people would be disgusted.

Anyway, none of this applies to me at all, since I am not in the dating market. And thank God for that. Because, not only do I dearly love T and never want to lose him, I would definitely NOT enjoy the dating scene.


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