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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Episode Where Patwoman Still Does Not Get Back To Work On The Afghans....

...but totally partially redeems herself by completing a Christmas gift for 2013.


I have finished the Weather... Or Knot scarf by Mindy Ross. It's a very striking pattern--deeply cabled sections alternating with 2X2 rib and accented with I-cord fringe.

I think it looks great, especially in red. Unfortunately I don't have a picture to share with you, as my phone is full of pictures right now and won't let me take another until I delete some of them. I will transfer some of them to the flash drive and post a photo tomorrow.

The yarn is an acrylic, by the way, because the recipient is very allergic to all forms of animal fiber. It's okay. I'm not a yarn snob. I like acrylic just fine. And this is a very soft yarn.

I think she will like it. As for me, I'm very happy to have completed one gift.


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