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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Designing Woes

I think I've told you that I belong to a knitting group online, the Holiday Mystery Knitting Group at Yahoo.com? Well, I decided to contribute one of my patterns to the group. After all, I get to use so many of theirs, right?

The trouble with that plan is, I don't have the pattern written. At all. I just have this vague concept in my head. (Yeah, this is the same pattern I was talking about last week. I still have not written anything.) I've been trying to work the math on this thing and finally decided it was just not going to work the way I imagined it.

So now I am re-imagining.

What's fun about designing your own knits is that you can do what you want, to suit yourself. What's not fun is that--at least if you plan to share the pattern--you have to communicate the instructions well enough that someone else can understand.

That's the hard part, really.

At any rate, I'm liking this re-imaging better than the original anyway. Stay tuned.


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