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Monday, July 01, 2013

Holey Scarf, Patwoman!

Sometimes you just want to knit. You don't want to think about patterns and color changes. You don't want to measure length. You just want to keep poking the sticks through the string. Of course, you don't want to just crank out another garter stitch scarf either. Because, you know, you want to do something that adds a little interest to the activity.

That's when a pattern like this one comes in handy. It's the Holey Scarf by Lynn Frank. It calls for bulky yarn, so I'm using this reclaimed yarn that I dyed a while back. It's probably somewhere between worsted and bulky, as far as gauge goes, but that's okay because I like the look of this very much.

I dyed this yarn using Easter Egg dyes, if you remember. I just doubled up on the dye to make the colors a little more intense. That worked out really well, I think. I really love this yarn knitted up.

The scarf pattern, with its bound off/cast on holes, really shows off the coloration, too. It's a great pattern for a hand-dyed yarn. Very quick and easy to do, too. This would be a good pattern for TV watching, long car rides, or waiting rooms. I would also recommend this to newer knitters who are looking to do something a little different.


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