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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Meaning Of Dreams

You know how you have a crazy dream and you try to tell someone and they're all like "Hm. That's interesting." But their eyes are totally saying "Good God, shut up. Nobody cares!"? Well, that's not me. I have always been fascinated by dreams--mine and other people's. I'm not only likely to listen intently, but also to ask you questions--Is there someone at work causing you stress? Do you feel a little ignored lately? Did you recently accomplish something big? I like to know the meaning of dreams.

Some are pretty easy to figure out. Mine tend to be rife with word humor. For example, the other night I dreamed there was a giant tomato in the garden that was about to be blown away by a strong wind and flooding waters. I was worried because I had worked very hard on it and didn't want anything to happen to it. T went out to save it, but when he turned around he was holding R & M (as very small children) and he was carrying them through the storm to me.

Now you see what a funny place the mind of Patwoman is. T was holding the fruits of my labor. Literally. The fruit of the labor in the garden changed into the fruits of my maternal labor. Ha!

My dreams are also pretty symbolic sometimes. This tomato/child dream, for example. Water tends to be a stress symbol for me in my dreams. So I'd say this dream has something to do with all the long hours I'm working is leaving me less family time lately.

Water is a significant stress symbol in my dreams. I frequently dream about going to an amusement park, but when I get there, the rides are either totally under water or at least partially underwater. Sometimes I try to ride them anyway. And then, I enjoy them--until they go underwater, which is not fun at all.

In that dream, I'd say the message is that stress is taking away all the fun, and spoiling the fun I am having.

(I've had that water symbol all my life, by the way. When I was younger and I would tell my dad that I dreamed about a flood, he would laugh and say "That means you have to get up and go to the bathroom." Not a big believer in symbolism, my dad.)

Anyway, I think dreams are entertaining and sometimes insightful and I enjoy trying to decipher them. Although, I still haven't figured out the dream where I'm standing naked on top a giant golden pyramid, holding a pickle in the air above my head, while all around the base of the pyramid a thousand loincloth-wearing men are cheering and shouting my name.

What do you suppose that one means?


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