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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Hair

My hair has been driving me crazy. Not just because it’s so long and floppy there’s nothing I can do with it except put it in a pony tail. I’m also not crazy about the way it’s gotten so freakin’ wild. I have some natural wave to my hair, yeah, but it’s like a jungle on top of my head. I can’t make it do anything.

I’m also not too thrilled with the grey. But I will deny saying that. I will deny, actually, that I even have any grey. Grey is not in my head vocabulary.

Anyway, I just haven’t had any time to do anything about it. Frankly, I have so much hair that getting a cut and color is a 3-4 hour job. And I’ve been so busy with work (Yay 7 day work week!) that I can’t spare 3-4 hours.

But I woke up this morning and said “I’m doing something about this hair or everyone’s going to pay.”

Here’s my before. You can’t really see how long this is, I guess. Should’ve gotten a shot of the back.

Here’s during.

And here’s after. Four inches shorter. No grey. (But then, there never was, right?) And multiple layers to take off the weight. Looks so much better.

Now, if I can find someone to give my body that kind of treatment…


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