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Friday, June 21, 2013

It’s All Cook

Iphone and I have a love/hate relationship. I love my iPhone. But sometimes it hates me.

Like the time I texted my son’s girlfriend to say he was at Meijer (a grocery store) and it autocorrected to say he was at Mary. I luckily caught that one before I hit send.

Like the time I was texting a playful little message to T and got a text from M at the same time, so iphone sent my T text to M. My daughter’s response…. “Gross.”

Like all the times iphone decides I need to end my texts with the letter V. As in, I’m on my way V. Or What’s up V.

Sure, those incidents are not as bad as they could be. Certainly not as bad as I’ve heard of. They’re just annoying. And I get tired of apologizing for my iphone’s autocorrect. So I’ve just decided to go with it. No matter what it is.

Just this week, iphone changed the text That’s cool. To That’s cook. I don’t know why. Cool is a word, iphone. It didn’t need to be autocorrected. But you know, I decided not to fight it. I decided to just pretend that I meant to say That’s cook the whole time. I decided to try to make cook happen.

I’m now using the word cook in all my texts. R has jumped on the bandwagon and is helping me. We use it in our spoken communication, as well. Mark my words. Cook
is going to happen.

And that’s cook with me.


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