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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Silver Age? Really?

I was looking up the entry for The Metal Men comic book on Wikipedia today. People don't really know about The Metal Men. But I really liked them, as a child.

I can't remember the whole story, but basically, this scientist makes some androids. And, in order to give these Metal Men their own free will and (I know they didn't say "soul" back then) life, he tried to endow them with his own personality. Something happened, as it always does, and each Metal Man became not only the embodiment of that particular metal, but also they got an aspect of Dr. Magnus' personality. So, Iron became the strong man, Platinum was his libido (a woman), Mercury was his temper (but I don't know why he made a robot out of mercury, that doesn't seem very practical.), etc. It was pretty far-fetched, but I was a child, so I didn't mind. I loved to read those stories.

And that's really the point. They're fun to read. And if they're fun to read, people--especially kids--will read them.

My mom's philosophy on reading was that any reading was good reading. The more you read, the more you learn, the more you are encouraged to imagine, the more ideas you are exposed to, the more words you learn, the more you are required to think and analyze your own opinions and feelings. So we always had plenty of things to read around the house. And that meant plenty of comic books.

I was just a little astonished to read (in the Wiki article) that all those comic books I learned to read on were from The Silver Age of Comic Books. The Silver Age? Really?

That makes me feel so old.


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