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Friday, June 14, 2013

Tales From Patwoman's Mailbag

Dear Patwoman,

What are you up to lately? We haven't heard much about your current WIPs.

Dear Curious Reader,

The reason you haven't heard much about my current WIPs is that there has been no progress on the Works in Progress. The Christmas Knitting has pretty much stalled. So has the Advent Garland knitting. And, if you've been reading, I am really struggling with the pattern I'm designing for the knitting group.

I've not had a lot of time to knit, with my work schedule. It's been a little hectic. Thanks for asking, though.

Dear Patwoman,

You used to review movies for us every now and then. What have you seen lately? The new Star Trek movie, maybe?

Dear Curious Reader,

Sadly, I haven't seen the new Star Trek movie. Or the Man of Steel. Or, really anything. Oh, wait. I did see Iron Man 3. That was really good. But I'm sure everyone has already seen it by now, so I'll not review that one.

Free time? What is that?

Dear Patwoman,

I will be in your area soon. Same bat-time. Same bat-channel. Will you be there?


Is that for real? It's not been announced yet. But if you are there, I will be too.



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