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Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Dreams May Come....

I have had several nights' worth of crazy dreams. I don't know why. You know I have always had crazy dreams--good, bad, indifferent. I've never been one to sleep through the night.

Lately, my dreams have been highly symbolic--travelling someplace, looking for someone, trying to read a message, etc. A few dreams have been variations on previous dreams, which I believe hold some meaning for me--a dreamwalk, as my grandma used to call it.

For example, I often pass through a graveyard. It's the same graveyard, but not one I've ever been to. It's not a real graveyard, I'm sure, since the new graves are at the front and the old ones are in the back (and that's the opposite of how it should be). There are two paths, and I always take the one on the left. It's not scary to me, until I realize I am deep in the cemetery.

Usually, I turn and leave when I realize where I am. The other night, I went all the way to the back, where there was a mausoleum under construction (surrounded by scaffolding and plastic tarp). The entrance to the mausoleum was guarded by two cats, who just looked at me in what I felt was an amused manner. I offered the cats blessings and apologies and "blessings and apologies to all whose rest you guard here", as I had to pass them to get by.


Also, I have been looking for Jack in my dreams. Once, outside a hotel restaurant as a parade passed. Once in the graveyard. Once near a river (but not any river I've ever been to). The weird thing about this is that I don't know any Jack. No one.

R says this is my brain telling me "You don't know Jack, lady."


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