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Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Wonders Of Benadryl

My allergies are killing me. Killing me. Literally. Because if I can't breathe and I can't sleep, I will literally die. That's science.

I tried taking my Zyrtec, but I think the formula has been altered. Normally, I would take it and after about 3 doses, I'd be used to it. No drowsiness, no fuzziness. But lately, it just makes me sleepy. But, I have to take something, or else I can't breathe.

So, I've switched to Bendadryl. Bendadryl makes me fuzzy and sleepy for the first 3 doses. Then, it makes me jittery. Like really, really jittery. But I can breathe. And my face looks better because my eyes are not so swollen and dark from sinus pressure. And I can talk without my voice cracking.

The trick is to take 3 doses, skip one, then back to 3. That may be a bad thing to do. I think Benadryl also affects your judgment.


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