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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

No April Fools For Me

I love a good prank. April Fools Day has always been so much fun for me. Even as a kid, I crafted elaborate jokes to play on my family. And, somehow, when you're an adult they're just so much more fun because people don't expect you to prank them.

T, of course, is the master of the long-term prank. (He made me believe a vocational school was a community bomb shelter for quite a long time when we first started dating.) But I like the prank that you probably should have seen coming. (Like the year I made a luncheon date for my boss with Mr. Lyon and left him the phone number of the Indianapolis Zoo.)

This year, however, I just didn't feel inspired to do anything. I couldn't think of a single prank to play on anyone. And you know what? No one pranked me, either. Not even a little one.

I must be getting old.


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