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Friday, May 23, 2014

Why Not Start Another UFO?

I wanted to finish some of the projects I have going, like the Moscow Slippers--which are pretty close to being done--but I had this new yarn sitting here and I just couldn't resist.

This yarn is, I'm pretty sure, Bernat Mosaic. But it's a bag yarn (mill end) from Joann. It doesn't matter. I love the color. Look at it!

I cast on for Alice Tang's (Red Heart) Open Front Shrug. I had a few issues, though. First of all, I did swatch. But I swatched in pattern, and frankly, it's pretty hard to count stitches in a lace pattern. I'm pretty sure I got guage with #7s, which would make perfect sense since the pattern calls for 9s and I always have to go down two sizes.

But then, I cast on for the ribbed cuff. And that was way too small. Like so small a child would have trouble wearing it. So I ripped that out and cast on for the large size. But that was too small, too. So I ripped that out and went up a needle size and cast on for the large. (Normally, I would make a M for M, but I guess I'm making an L today.)

This cuff would never fit my wrist, but M is considerably thinner than me, so I think this will work fine for her. Hopefully my guage is good, since I changed needle sizes. It still looks a bit small to me.


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