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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Soap Sack

Since I had a little more of this blue cotton, I decided to make something else. But not another Tribble. Although the Tribble was a good project, I just wanted to do something else.

I thought about just making a dishcloth, since that seems practical--yet, still not a lot of thought. I cast on 1 stitch, thinking that I would just increase on each end and make a diagonal knit cloth. But, I kept forgetting about the increases, so I ripped it out.

Then I thought about doing a garter stitch washcloth, but I cast on way too many stitches and it was so wide. So I ripped that out, too.

Then I cast on a third fewer stitches and started to garter again. But after a few rows, I got a little crazy and started a very basic lace stitch, using YO and K2tog. And I liked the look of it.

But when I had knit about 4 inches, I decided it wouldn't make a very good washcloth. But it would make a great soap sack. The problem with many of the soap sacks I've seen is that they don't allow enough movement of water and soap to really lather up. So what you basically end up doing is melting soap in a bag.

But this one... This one would really work those soap slivers! I finished it up with about an inch of garter stitch so it would ruffle at the top. Then I cast off, folded it in half, seamed the bottom and side, and crocheted a cord long enough to go through the eyelets in the last row before the 1" of garter stitch. I threaded it through, tied a knot, and boom!

Soap sack.


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