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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Got To Get A Move On

This has been a crazy year. Very busy. And it seems like everything I've planned has just all been pushed aside. I still have very little of my holiday knitting done. Even though I planned it back in January. And this house has yet to be packed up and organized for a move. And I am not getting any writing done at all.

I've got to find some way to clone myself, or disrupt the space/time continuum in such a way that I can be in two places at once, or that there are more hours in a day, or something.

Of course, let's not leave that job up to Superman, okay? Contrary to what the movie would have you believe, I'm pretty sure that reverse the Earth's orbit would not reverse time. In fact, I'm pretty sure it would cause world-wide devastation. Earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic activity. All bad.

Tell you what, when we take on the idea of making more time, let's get Tony Stark or Bruce Banner or Reed Richards to work on that problem, okay?


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