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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Who Says I Can't Learn Nuthin'?

This is kind of exciting. I was messing around with my Kindle last night. It's an old-school Kindle. Like the second model they came out with. Don't judge me. I love this Kindle.

Anyway, I've always thought there should be some way of organizing the books I download. Like if I could lump the romances together, and put the cookbooks all in one place, and have a separate place for horror... That would be extremely helpful. That's been the only thing I haven't liked about the Kindle.

Well... As it turns out, you are able to create folders to organize your downloads! How about that? I spent all my reading time last night, just making little folders and putting books away.

Sigh... Now, if only the rest of the house were that well-organized.


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