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Monday, June 23, 2014

And Now A Million And One UFOs

I have decided I'm still not calm enough to go back to the Poodle. I need some stress relief now. Trust me. You do not want me to go back to stabbing people with my knitting needles being stressed out.

This is another yarn I got from the Michael's clearance. It's Patons Cobbles. This color is Mustard Seed, but it looks green to me. Hm. Yeah. It does kinda look yellow in this photo. It still looks greenish (like baby diaper greenish) to me in real life.

Rather than repeat the Poodle fiasco, I decided to knit an established pattern. This one is Twirling Cowl from the Yarnspirations website. This pattern has a lot of yarnovers, which you would think would give it some sort of lace pattern, but it doesn't seem to be doing that. It seems to be pretty solid, actually. I suppose it does have something of a twirl, though... That's probably where they got the name.

Oh well, I am only one repeat through the pattern, with a couple more to go. So we will see what it looks like in a few more rows.

So far, this yarn is not crying out to be thrown across the room. Stay tuned.


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