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Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Trip To The Past

And I have mixed feelings about it, too.

T and I decided to take a drive down to the town where we both went to college, met, courted, and spent the first year of our marriage. Just to see what had changed.

And, you know. Things change. Most of what we saw were changes for the better, though. A revitalization of the downtown, full of hipstery coffee shops and microbreweries, and a restoring of the old moviehouse where we used to go watch movies for a dollar on Wednesdays with our college IDs.

But then, we drove by our old apartment. All the houses in the area, all 150 year old behemoths, had been restored to lovely, colorful Victorian homes and B&Bs.

Except our place.

As you can see, there has obviously been a fire. It's scorched, gutted, boarded up, and empty. I know nothing lasts forever, but it's sad to see it like that. We both have so many good memories of that place.

Hopefully, someone will snap it up at a bargain price and restore it, too.


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