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Friday, June 20, 2014

Shopping Trip - Michael's

I have to learn to stay away from Michael's. I really don't need any more yarn.

Ha! I totally kept a straight face while I typed that!

Talk about effective marketing, though. I wasn't going to buy anything. I was just going to look. But they had a clearance sale. All the yarn that was on clearance was $1.99 or less. How could I not buy at least one ball, just to make a cowl for myself?

One skein wouldn't hurt anybody, right?

But then, I saw all this Red Heart Boutique Chic on clearance. And, remember, this is the yarn that M loved so much and I finally made her a black scarf out of it for Christmas last year, right? So, I'm debating, should I just go ahead and get some? Well, of course I should. That's not the question. The question is, what color should I get?

Just then, M picked up on my involuntary psychic transmission and sensing my distress, called me.

So I asked her, "Would you like the white color, too?" And then, the clever little minx, she pretended to not know which of her ten thousand scarves I was talking about. So I had to Face Time so she could see this yarn.

"Yes. The white one. Ooh and what is that lime green color behind it? Oh! And look at that one!"

So I bought a bunch. A bunch for cowls for M. A bunch for cowls for Bre. And yes, one skein for me.


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