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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Knitting Boards

I was in Hobby Lobby one day about 2 weeks ago, and I ran across a whole endcap of knitting looms. I don't know if you have ever used a knitting loom. It's kind of fun. I attended a loom knitting seminar at Gencon a few years ago (five or six?) and so I have a smallish loom from that.

It's about the size you'd want to make a tube scarf with. In fact, that was what I made with it. A tube scarf. But, like I said, it was a lot of fun and I have since thought many times about buying myself a set of looms. You see them all the time. The one thing that stopped me, really, was that I am so much quicker at knitting on needles.

M bought a set of the long ones a while ago, too. But she doesn't knit with them. In fact, I'm pretty sure they're still here at the house. She might also have a hat-sized one. I think the time thing is the factor with her, too. It's not a particularly fast way to knit.

Still, I remember having knitting looms when I was a kid. Not fancy ones like these:

But very similar. My dad actually made them. He hammered a bunch of finishing nails into some wood and boom. Knitting loom. I remember knitting with that a lot. (Although, I didn't realize it was knitting at the time. I thought it was more of a craft like weaving potholders.) At some point, I know I had a long loom, a short loom, a spool-type knitter, and a round knitter the size you would make Barbie dresses out of.

So there I was at Hobby Lobby, in front of this big display of knitting looms and boards. And it just felt, I don't know, a little nostalgic. Still, I am trying not to buy a bunch of stuff that I will just have to move. So I didn't get them. My next house is going to have a yarn room. (Seriously.) But here, I'd just have to find a place to keep a knitting board until then.


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