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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trip To The Hipster Market

I'm totally not a hipster. I don't do fads. This knitting thing? I was doing it before you were born, honey. Before there were Starbuck's to sit and draw attention to you and your two-socks-at-the-same-time shenanigans. But, lately, there have been a couple of different hipster grocery stores opening in the area. One happens to be pretty much right across the street from our store.

I decided to go check it out. There were some Grand Opening specials advertised that I thought I could make use of. Organic produce of all kinds, chicken breasts, and milk in a glass bottle. Yes. A glass bottle. You can't get any hipstery than that folks, unless you milk it directly from the cow yourself in the store.

Actually, there are a couple of degrees of hipsterism between glass bottle milk and self-service cow. In the dairy case, I found all the normal milks you see everywhere--Fat Free, Skim, .5%, 1%, 2%, Whole--plus, Organic Milk (I don't know what that is. Milk seems like it's already organic to me. Comes from a cow's organ, right?), and Raw Milk. I don't know what Raw Milk is, either. Unpasterized? That seems kind of gross and dangerous. Plus--and I immediately thought of both M and Bre, who are lactose intolerant--a whole case of Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Non-dairy Milk (WTF?), and Dairy Milk with no lactose. Bre (who is also not a hipster) would love this store, just for the non-dairy dairy case. And all the gluten free products.

I ended up buying more than I had planned--the boneless, skinless chicken breasts were very well trimmed and really plump. They had a tag on them that said No Hormones, but you know I don't care about that. I have so damn many hormones working on me now with this menopause that I don't think a couple more could possibly hurt me. I also loaded up on organic blueberries at 77 cents a pint, organic radishes and organic green onions at 3 bundles for a dollar, organic green peppers at 77 cents each, organic (Ha. Everything there is organic, get it?) cucumbers, limes, romaine lettuce, pineapple, and strawberries.

So when I got home, I was in the mood to cook. (That always happens when I go to the grocery store.) But, you know, I don't cook a whole lot these days. I always feel that, with just T and I, it's kind of pointless to cook a meal. However, I'm lately remembering that, before we had children, I used to cook all kinds of things for just the two of us. So I made this:

Teriyaki Chicken with peppers, sugar snap peas, carrots, and green onion, over rice. (This is white rice, btw. You can't get that at the hipster store.) It was a nice meal. And the food was very fresh and delicious. I definitely forsee many lovely salads and maybe some blueberry muffins in my future.


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