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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Because I Have Only A Million UFOs....

...that I decided to make another. Something is seriously wrong with me.

Actually, the thought process was more like, "I need a quick win. Something to get me focused again." So I took some of my clearance yarn, this Loops & Threads Poodle, and decided to do something quick. Like a cowl.

Big, textured yarn. Big needles. Should be quick, right? I did a similar cowl in a similar yarn few months ago in about 20 minutes.

So I whipped out my big 50s and cast on 6 stitches. But that gave me a very... airy fabric. So after about 4 inches, I frogged it all out. Not an easy thing to do with this yarn. It's all loops. It just does not want to be frogged.

So I went down to 35s and cast on 7 stitches. A 35 needle is still way bigger than the recommended 11s on the label. But, I can't imagine using 11s. That would just make all those loops so much more annoying. Anyway, I cast on 7. And that looked pretty good.

I knit the entire skein of yarn and it looked to be just about the perfect length to seam the two edges together and make a cowl. But, you know how you look at that long tail and you say to yourself, "Can I get another row out of this and still cast off?" And you do that thing where you wrap the yarn around the needle as many times as two rows would be and you see that you have about half an inch left after that? But you still think "It was only like that because I wrapped so loosely. And all those wraps were on top of each other, not the needle. It will probably be ok." You know how you think that all the time?

How many times have you ever been right?

So I get to the end of the yarn, and guess what? I still have stitches to bind off. Fantastic. What's rich is that I had black worsted right there. I could have bound off in the worsted and seamed it together mattress style. No one would have known. (Except you. I would tell you, of course. We're friends like that.)

But no. I thought, "I'll just pull out the bind off and the last row and then bind off." Perfect plan, right?

No. Perfect would've involved me turning on the light (not doing it by the light of the TV) and putting on my glasses. What was I thinking with black yarn?

I'll skip to the end. Dropped stich. Can't find. Ladder down the side for a couple of inches. Tears. Swearing. Threats. Yarn flying across the room with the needles still in it.

Now that I'm calmer and looking closer, I can see I have to rip back a few inches. But then it will be ok. Sigh. Knitting is so relaxing.


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