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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Not Knitting

But of course, you knew that already. What I mean in this case is, I've spent some time making some earrings.

When I went to Michael's the other day, they were having clearance sales in pretty much every department. So, of course, I stopped by the bead aisle, too. I didn't load up on beads because, well, I'd already gotten so much clearance yarn that I had to get one of those baskets to carry it in. I was starting to feel a little guilty.

I did, however, find these things. They're jewelry components that you just join together with some jump rings or chain or whatever. There's not a lot of work to these things, really. The package has a couple of suggested uses. Not too much to think about.

But perfect for a ten minute crafting break from work, right? I got the earring wires with the clear rhinestone accent, and then two sets of geode slices in these beautifully rich colors!

All it takes is a couple of jump ring and some pliers.

I think it took me about 5 minutes to do both pairs. I made these for M and Bre. But they look so good, I may go back and get a set of geode slices for myself!


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