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Thursday, June 26, 2014

FO: Cobbles Cowl

Here is the finished Twirling Cowl, made with Patons Cobbles yarn in Mustard Seed.

I made a few mods (When don't I?) to this pattern. First, I only used one skein of this yarn because it's so super bulky I felt like that was enough cowl to go around any neck. Knitting this to pattern would have made it about twice as tall and I just can't imaging trying to tuck all that up under your chin. As it is, this will be a nice, warm cowl.

Weaving in the ends is always tricky with a bulky yarn like this. Normally, I would split the end of a bulky yarn into two and then work those less bulky ends into the row in opposite directions. But this yarn has a thread wrapped around it to make that bumpy texture, so I can't do that this time. You can see how the yarn barely goes through the eye of this yarn needle.

So this time, I just worked the tail into the underside of the cowl. This is such a textured cowl that I don't think it's noticeable. (And it's on the wrong side of the work. So, pretty safe there, anyway, right?)

Looks good!


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