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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Red Fur Pom Pom Cowl

I like this Boutique Chic yarn. It's very soft and cuddly. And I like these pompons in it. I think it would be a great yarn to wear up around your face, like a scarf or a cowl. But, since I've made several scarves with it, I decided to make a cowl.

This is a basic cowl. It's just knit in a big rectangle and seamed.

I did have to fiddle around with it a bit to make sure all the pompons stayed on the side I had designated as the right side--the stockinette side. I do like the reverse stockinette side, too, so I might try that one next.

It's really pretty, but now that it's done, I'm not so sure I should be wearing such a bright red next to my face. I'm thinking it might make me looked washed out by contrast. Hm. This might become a gift.


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