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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Goodbye, My Friend

Today I lost my friend, Gabgab. I'm devastated beyond belief.

T and I took her to the vet today because she had been breathing heavily the last day or two. I was a little worried she had injured herself because last week, she had fallen into a deep sleep and fell off the back of the couch. I don't know if she hit the brick hearth or not (but I don't see how she missed it) because by the time I crossed the room and got behind the couch, she was just sitting on the ground, looking a little dazed.

I checked her very carefully to make sure nothing was broken and she seemed to be okay. No pain anywhere. But then, when she started breathing heavily, I worried that she had cracked a rib or something--something that didn't show up until now.

It turns out, it was much worse.

The X-ray showed no broken bones, but an abdomen and chest cavity filled with fluid. One lung was partially collapsed. The tests showed this was caused by cancer, and pretty far along. In fact, the doctor did not give much hope for any more time, at all. I wanted to do everything we could for her, so he tried to drain some of the fluid to provide some relief.

I was thinking we could take her home and I would have some time to hold her and be with her. I would maybe give her some treats and catnip and we could sit together the way she likes. I thought maybe we might have a week or two.

But, as we were settling the bill at the desk, Gabby started to sieze in my arms. By the time the doctor crossed the lobby and took her from me so he could find out what was happening, she had passed away.

I will miss my little cat.


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