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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Adventures At A Craft Fair

I found out about this craft fair yesterday. Bre was working at her mom's booth. So R, M, and I all decided to go so we could harass visit Bre. Besides, you know I loves me some craft fair.

Sadly, this fair did not really live up to expectatations. As you can see, it's an outdoor fair. And I'm pretty much strictly an indoor cat. I know this sounds terrible, but being out in the the sun and heat and flying insects just doesn't really put me in a festival mood. Plus, with my random hot flashes (thanks for that, by the way, Mother Nature) I'd much prefer an air conditioned high school as a venue. Needless to say, my poor deoderant lasted about 20 minutes.

Sorry about that to all who had to be in the car with me on the way home.

Plus, this was more of a fair than a craft fair. There were maybe a dozen craft booths. And probably about 20 political booths--all for school board seats. Apparently school board is the hot election in this area. And the big attraction here was the Pet Adoption. There were several dogs and a couple of kittens that were up for adoption during this fair. They had a special Pet Parade, in which they told the terrible stories of how these poor animals were abused before coming to this shelter.

The Pet Parade presentation was, of course, marred by my wracking sobs.

R and Bre ended up applying for adpotion of a very sweet Great Dane puppy. I consider it a victory that I didn't come home with cats and dogs, myself. But, you know, I am at that age where I have to be careful. I'm dangerously close to Crazy Cat Lady status already.

I bought no crafts, although I would have liked to and came prepared to. There was just nothing there that was in line with my style. I did buy several of these, though:

Did I mention my out of control hormones?


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