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Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello, Old Chum

First of all, I should apologize for being away so long. To you, my dear readers, because I have been away for so long with no word at all. And to myself, because I so love writing this blog.

But I have just been...

Overworked. For sure. People think it's such a cakewalk to own your own business, like you could come and go as you please. Like you just sit there and let the money roll in. (What??? I wish.) But I work longer and harder now than I ever have. And for less thanks, too. Let me tell you. But, it definitely is more rewarding. And I definitely do love it more than any other job. But I have long forgotten the meaning of the phrase "day off."

Stressed. After Gabby's death, almost immediately after, GenGen just started falling down. Like she couldn't hold herself up. And wouldn't eat or drink. I really thought that was the end of my poor old dog. It turns out, she just had vertigo. And it's gotten mostly better (although she still sometimes wobbles) but she lost like 5 pounds. That's a lot for a 40 pound dog. So I've been trying to fatten her up. Eggs. Peanut butter. (She's milking this for all it's worth, I think.) Oh, but now she's started licking all her fur off. With her wobbly gait, patchy fur, and skinny frame, she looks like a hobo dog. I'm pretty sure one of my neighbors is going to see her and file some sort of animal rights claim on me.

And in the meantime, we have not been able to find a house we like so we are still living here while this damn shack falls down around our ears. And I'm trying to pack all our stuff and realize most of this stuff is junk and I should just push it out to the curb. (But I think T will be a little unhappy about sitting on the floor to watch TV because I threw away all the living room furniture. What do you think?)

And I didn't get invited to my niece's wedding or my other niece's birthday, so I'm thinking "That's what you get for not having any time for anybody, Patwoman!"

Sleepless. Another round of insomnia/sleepwalking/dreams. I've just done that since I was a child. Not a big deal, but I'm losing my beauty sleep.

And, if I'm honest, a little Depressed. I really miss my GabGab. I know that's strange to say about a cat, but it's true. Her death has affected me so deeply that I still sometimes cry and squeeze Achilles and Miss Gracie a little too tightly. I miss her especially while I am knitting, since she was my constant companion when I had the needles in hand.

Frankly, I'd all but stopped knitting for a while because I was so busy. But then I just felt like I needed to do it, for others' safety my own sanity. So I am knitting some these days. And I'd like to do a little writing too.

But that may be just too much to ask.


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