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Sunday, January 04, 2015

I Swear, I'm Not A Creeper

I just like to take pictures of things when I see them. That's not weird.

So, I was in this public bathroom today and, as I washed my hands, I noticed the lamps were mounted on the mirror. It looked cool, but also kind of strange. Like, they were just floating there. So I took a few minutes to examine the lights to see if I could determine how this was done. And finally, I took a picture of the mirror and the lamps, just so I'd have something to reference later.

The whoosh-chick of my iphone camera shutter echoed off the walls of the ladies room.

I quickly looked around, to make sure I was actually alone. I could just imagine some old lady sitting in her stall, hearing my camera, and thinking "WTF? What kind of pre-vert takes a picture in the ladies room?" (I hadn't even thought of that before I took the picture.) Luckily, there was no one there but me. But it did make me realize that I have to be careful. I can't just go taking a photo anywhere I feel like it, right?

A few hours later, in another bathroom, I happened to look up at the ceiling.

Is that blood on the light? Or just red paint? I took a picture, then realized that I had once again taken a photo in the bathroom. Once again, I was lucky that no one was around to know that.

Okay, I told myself. I was lucky the first two times. I can't keep taking pictures in the bathroom. Sooner or later, someone will hear it and then I will have to explain that I wasn't taking naughty selfies, or creeper pictures of someone else, but that I was just snapping a picture of something I thought was interesting. In the bathroom.


Then, just to show that I never learn... a few hours later, I was in the bathroom at work and noticed that the farking roof is leaking a-goddamn-gain. I swear the landlord must hire the most incompetent roofers. Or use the cheapest materials. Or both. Anyway, I took a photo for our files.

And realized I had taken yet another bathroom photo.


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