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Monday, January 05, 2015

The Blues

So, yeah. I'm still stressed out. I've been trying to work out of it, though. I cast on for a new project. That always makes me feel better.

This is the Gallatin Scarf in this lovely yarn that's all blues and greens. (See? I could have called this post The Blues and Greens, but that wouldn't have been as clever, right?) It's a nice, easy pattern, that goes very quickly in worsted weight yarn.

It's a triangle shaped scarf. I like that it starts at the point and then increases. That makes it seem like I've knit soooo much after a short period of time, because it's a few inches long. When I get up to the wider part of the scarf, I'm sure it's going to seem like it takes forever, though.

I probably should be working this on circulars, since I'll be increasing up to almost 200 stitches soon enough. But, I had these straight needles close by, so I'll get by for a little while, at least.

I probably should be working on finishing T's scarf. Or my January ornament for the swap. Or the lace tablecloth for R and Bre's wedding gift. Or the ringbearer pillow for their wedding.

But I just want to knit with this calming blue yarn for right now. Is that so bad?


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