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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Swap Ornament Is Here!

Aw yay-ah! Looky here! My swap ornament has arrived! All the way from Australia!

I was so excited (I love getting presents!) I could barely open it. Excitement made it difficult to open. And the tape covering the end.

But look at what was inside! Two--two!--beaded angels for my tree! These faceted beads are going to be catching the light very nicely, too. Fantastic! Thank you, Julie!

I have to say, though, these little candies she sent along are very pretty and have a nicely satisfying crunch. But they taste terrible. I don't know if it's the difference in American and Australian palates, but I found them very bland and plasticy tasting. I swear, it was like eating an actual button. I barely made it through one of them.

I think I will save the others, in case I have some little children visiting sometime. Kids, especially the really little ones, won't have such sophisticated tastes and they'll gobble these up.

At any rate, I'm enjoying this swap very much. It's nice to get mail that isn't a bill or an ad for Tempurpedic Matresses (why am I getting these?) or (gadzooks!) some solicitation from AARP--which, at 29, I'm way too young to be getting. And it's fun to get mail from various parts of the world. I like to think about how these little angels were made by hand by Julie and then travelled to the other side of the world to be held in my hands. That's incredible, if you think about it, right?

But also, I like to see everyone else's crafting. Not just the project pages on Ravelry, or their Pinterest boards, or blog posts. But actual, actual crafting. It's like you were sitting across the table from someone, sharing something you both enjoyed. In this case, that table is 15,630 KM long, but still.


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