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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Patwoman Reviews Grocery Store Booze

Check this out! I found a whole display of these at the grocery store the other night. (Actually, it was Meijer and I went there because of the previously mentioned clearance yarn. But I've already told that story.) Anyway, a display right up front when you come in the door--in all kinds of mixed drink flavors.

What is this? I asked myself. Some kind of cocktail mix that you add rum to? But no. See? It says right on the label, it contains alcohol. (So probably not a good idea to add rum to it.) Just freeze and serve. Easy-peasy, drunk and sleazy. I bought one (only one) because I wanted to try it.

And because I really like Bahama Mamas.

I put that puppy in the freezer, anticipating my adult Capri Sun, as I had come to call it. ...And then I promptly forgot about it until tonight.

It was rock solid, so I let it thaw just a bit, then squished the bag around a bit so it would have more of the slushy texture instead of the ice block texture it had after being in the freezer for a few days. I thought about just popping a straw in this bag, as if it really were a Capri Sun, but then I decided that was kind of trashy.

And even though there are no people here right now (Except me, of course. I don't mean to imply anything by that.) I don't want to appear like a trashy booze hag in front of Achilles and Miss Gracie.

Cats can be so judgmental.

It is pretty good. But not exactly like the Bahama Mamas I'm used to. This has a very slight mango flavor to it. In fact, I believe those are mangos pictured on the package (They may actually be peaches, who knows?), along with strawberries. None of those fruits are in a Bahama Mama, by the way. I'm not crazy about mango, but oh well. Blue Hawaiians taste like cough syrup and Aqua Velva, but if you have a couple of them, you don't mind so much, right?

Disappointingly, this is pretty weak, as far as mixed drinks go. Like, the cash bar at your cousin's wedding weak. Applebee's weak. But, I am okay with that. I'm not, after all, an actual booze hag. (Sure, I'm drinking a frozen cocktail at home, alone, with two cats and a dog for company. But that's not as pathetic as it sounds.) I just wanted to try it.

It was $2. (That's better than that cash bar, right?) And for $2, it's a nice, cool treat. Bottoms up.


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