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Saturday, February 20, 2016

12 Months Of Scarves: Scarf 2

I cast on 12 on a Size 15
This scarf ended up about
5 feet long.
February's Scarf of the Month, Fireside Love, is another simple idea with a twist. It's a multi-textured scarf, with a cute pom pom embellishment and a simple embroidery. I used Yarn Bee Paradox in Cardinals and Red Heart Soft in this tan color. Paradox is discontinued, but you can still find it online. You can also get the same effect by holding a lightweight boucle together with an eyelash yarn. Paradox is supposed to be an aran weight, but don't believe it. It's more of a bulky weight yarn, mainly because of the texture.
This yarn is highly textured!

As you can see, this yarn makes a pretty scarf, just worked up in straight garter stitch alone.

I learned this trick to making
small pom poms with a fork
on Pinterest!
But, once we add the embellishment, it looks a little less plain. I like to use a scarf like this in my classes to show how embellishment can change the way a project looks entirely. This is garter, but in another color, it's another scarf. Think of this in blue with white snowflakes. Or in green with pink flowers. Or think of the pom poms along the edges. Any number of embellishments would make a totally different scarf.

I promise it looks better
in real life!

My heart is a variation of the Lazy Daisy embroidery stitch. I might go back and fill it in with Satin Stitch. I probably could have trimmed this pom pom a little better, though.

I call this one Fireside Love because it looks a little like flames. And because February is the month of love. And because this is so cuddly soft, you'll want to give it to someone you love...um... by the fire.


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