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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you! I hope you have something fun and romantic planned today.

T and I had planned to go see the movie Deadpool today. We have been fans of Deadpool since (and I'm not trying to be a hipster here and tell you I loved Deadpool before he was cool... because he was always cool) his first appearance. We were big comic book fans then (also, we had disposable income with which to buy comic books), so we were pretty excited for the Deadpool movie. Especially after they did such a terrible job on the Deadpool character in the Wolverine Origins movie.


It's snowing. Hard. And you know I am a hothouse flower. So we are staying inside today. We will just have to see Deadpool later. Frowny face.

I am making some lasagna in individual baking dishes (so it's fancy) and some chocolate/chocolate chip cake with whipped cream for dessert.

What are you doing?


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