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Friday, February 05, 2016

Downsizing Is Difficult

One thing I'm taking away from this whole move thing is: Downsizing is damned difficult.

You don't realize how much stuff you've accumulated until you have to pack it all up and move it. And even if you say to yourself, "Self, we've got to donate at least half of this stuff to Goodwill because we have no place to put it," you're still going to have trouble with it.

For one thing, your self is going to fire back with "I call not it!"

But seriously. You don't realize how much junk you've accumulated over the years until you have to do something with it. I have downsized my clothes closet by two thirds and I think I will have to make another pass through it. The same with my dishes.

Still, this is the start of a new path for us... back to just the two of us. So we probably don't need three sets of dishes. Or all these bedsheets. And let's face it... I'm never going to use that treadmill.


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