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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Move Goes On

Sigh. This move of ours seems to never end. There's so much stuff to do and to go through. Plus, we are downsizing. So that means there is so much to get rid of. So hard to do.

Let me tell you. My parents grew up in The Great Depression. So they didn't throw things away. They used them up and wore them out. That's how I grew up. But as I got older and out on my own, my attitude changed a little. I no longer kept things that I couldn't use or replace easily.

Or at least I thought I didn't keep them. But somehow, over the years, we have collected a bunch of stuff. Like dishes. I mean, really. How many coffee cups do two people need? And bed sheets. Sure, those are all different colors and prints and one could say that they're dressing for the bedroom, but with one bed, there's no reason for so many sheet sets.

And don't get me started on outdoor Christmas decorations. Believe me, it breaks my heart to downsize those. But, we are going from a 2.5 car garage to a 1 car garage. Something has to go. I am taking my giant 7.5 foot Christmas tree for sure, but I don't know where we will be able to display it in the new house. Seriously. That thing needs a room to itself. But I love it and I'm not ready to part with it.

And yarn. I've already mentioned that I have more yarn that your average big box craft store. Not even kidding. And that gives me such conflicting feelings. On the one hand, I love all my yarn and it makes me happy. Makes me happy to buy it, to use it, and to just have it. But, on the other hand, it's a lot of yarn and I really need to be using some of it before I buy more. If only because I don't have the space for all of it.



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