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Thursday, February 04, 2016


Deja vu? Lots of people have deja vu. I'm talking surrealism. Like, when everything is sort of normal, but it's also way, way wrong. In art and literature, it's an irrational juxtaposition of images.

In real life it's... Well, it's the same, really.

Like, when you go to a garage sale and there is a big, hairy guy in a deep maroon velour track suit and gold chains, sitting in a lawn chair, smoking a fat cigar, and suddenly a trippy, electric guitar-heavy surf song from the 60's starts playing out of the portable radio next to him. Then you look around and notice the other people shopping at this garage sale are a teenage girl on roller skates, an old man in a three-piece olive green polyester suit (despite the summer temps), and a young nun.

I'm talking about the moments when you look around for the cameras because you're pretty sure Quentin Tarantino will yell "cut!" at any moment.

Yeah. Like that.

Or, like when the road you're driving on is under construction and down to one lane and you are trapped between a pickup truck with an assortment of pool ladders tossed in the back and a short school bus that has been badly painted white and hand-lettered "painters" on the front hood.

Or like when you are standing in line at the grocery store and the person in front of you is buying three bags of Totinos Pizza Rolls, a birthday cake, a 24-pack of toilet paper, and a bottle of wine.

Sometimes you just have to look away and try not to think about it.


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